Chef House Society. The title couldn’t be any more clearer. There are many Chef’s out there who still prefer to go the extra mile in order to produce an exceptional dish and Chef House will reflect upon tbose Chef’s and their hard work.

Furthermore, Chef House will be a place where Chef’s can meet and share ideas and learn from eachother by hosting regular lunch and dinner events and also cooking competitions and annual award ceremonies for it’s members showcasing their achievements and dedication towards the food industry.

The Society consists of the 5 founding members, also known as the 5 representatives. These are the representatives who will coordinate all functions throughout each year.

To become a member of the Chef House Society, this will be the procedure:

Chef House rules of membership approval.

1. The house consists of the 5 founders also known as the 5 representatives.

2. All Members are welcome to nominate a Chef for membership.

3. Before any nominee is granted membership, the nominee must first meet all criteria which are the fundamental values of the House.

4. Upon membership approval, each member and immediate family members such as a spouse and children over the age of 12 shall be added to the guest list and be invited to dinner parties or functions held at various restaurants where members of the house are employed. If a newly appointed members is not married, he will be allowed to add a partner to the guest list instead.

5. Each newly appointed member must pay the joining fee of R2,000 and thereafter an annual fee of R350 before the 10th of January each year. These fees will go towards the annual competitions that will be hosted by the house amongs members, promotional branded gifts, Chef Jackets, house insignia etc.

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