Loving the Classics 

Photo & dish by Chef Mario Michael Kontaxis

The classics are truly the reason we fell in love with food in the first place don’t you agree? 

The idea of changing a true classic dish may strike fear in many Chef’s the world over, yet nothing stops us from trying to add our very own personal touches here and there. Besides, the food industry shows changes way faster than evolution so we need to stay on top of things or else we will miss that train to the next best thing.

Armed with a knife bag and a recipe book, I cant stop feeling that the bigger picture is so much simpler than the scenario that keeps repeating in my mind. The classics should remain classic. We can slightly change them but lets not do an over kill shall we? 

The past week I thought of bringing a true classic back to life to please the culinary gods. The much loved Escargot, or as we all simply know it by it’s English name, creamy garlic snails. 

As slow as these creatures are in their natural habitat, they have become a hit at the restaurant and for that, I am truly pleased. 

Six yummy snails placed in a beautiful creamy garlic sauce and topped with a touch of mozzarella and a pinch of parmesan, just before baked to perfection and served with toasted ciabatta. Drooling? Yeah well, so am I…

The classics have truly shaped and inspired me as a Chef over the years. What inspires you? 

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