By jbester
Dish and photo by Chef JMBester

We all need those complicated dishes and complicated plating for what?

It all starts off with one word…


Being a chef trying to create a master piece sometimes can be a challange. Loke any creative person we all struggle with a “creative block.” Why is that?

We need to go back to the basics. Doing a masterpiece on a plate you don’t need to have complicated elements. Doing something simple and basic can and will look fabulous.

Most chefs have a creative block from time to time. We love overcomplicating dishes. We think the boulder the flavour the better the dish, or how many elements the plate can have the better. No, thats not the case. In many dishes we can acchieve a masterpiece by going to the basic elements. Cooking a wonderful cut of meat with nice grill lines and basic basting, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper topped of with fresh spring onion can be just as wonderfull. No need to complicate things you know.

The important part of cooking is to know when to keep things simple and when to go all out with a dish. If you have good quality products I would keep them as natural as possible. If you have a semi-decent product I would preffer to add on to it to enhance the product and the flavour. Say for instance you have a tomato. Its not all that firm anymore of the colour is not as red as its seposed to be. I would use it in a sauce or a tomato broth for example. Or create a back not of flavour with this low quality tomato.

For a tomato which is bright red in colour, nice and firm to tough. I would use it as naturally as possible. Like making a nice caprese salad, or even use the bright read tomato in a tomato gel which you can serve with a nice tender piece of meat or as a compoment on a plate.

Sometimes using the best products will enhance you plates. The price may be a bit more. But obviously you pay for quality not quantity. I prefer quality to quantity, at the end of the day your understanding of flavour and natural products will be completely different. Think outside the box and use propper ingredients. This is not a “lets see how many plates of food we can send out” its about getting your customers to come back for quality.

Rome was not built in a day, so keep things simple and hight on standards when it comes to your product and customers. Do not use the easy way out. Keep it real.

Simplicity can be found where you have great quality products.






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