Some bread with that?

I will remember my grandfather’s word’s till the day I die…

” Even in the worst of times, the people will always need bread”. Now here was a man who has been through war and hard times, telling me in his own words that becoming a baker was the right choice. 

Bread can be enjoyed with just about anything. Bread has the ability to offer a new taste experience when eaten with something else. For example, cheese tastes great on its own, yet phenomenal on toast. 

Bread has that something which just adds the wow factor to dishes. I remember my father telling me that coming from a poor family of six brothers, his mother would often make a big bowl of salad and all six siblings would dip in with bread…

There are thousands of different breads from around the world so as a baker you learn something new every day. No such thing as “I know it all”. 

Even though I am now a Chef, I will not forget how it all started for me, therefore as a ritual to the “flour gods”, I continue to bake whenever I get the chance. 

In this day and age of convenience bread has now been so heavily commercialized, a lot of us take it for granted. Need a new hobby in life? Take up baking. You wont regret it.

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