Loving the Classics 

The classics are truly the reason we fell in love with food in the first place don’t you agree?  The idea of changing a true classic dish may strike fear in many Chef’s the world over, yet nothing stops us from trying to add our very own personal touches here and there. Besides, the food […]

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  We all need those complicated dishes and complicated plating for what? It all starts off with one word… Simplicity Being a chef trying to create a master piece sometimes can be a challange. Loke any creative person we all struggle with a “creative block.” Why is that? We need to go back to the […]

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From pot to plate.

Its easy when you cook from the heart. If you have an idea try it. If it flops, try it again. With trail and error you will learn from your mistakes and you will become better. I normally have a weird flavour combination when I imagine new dishes. I will sometimes get it perfect with […]

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Some bread with that?

I will remember my grandfather’s word’s till the day I die… ” Even in the worst of times, the people will always need bread”. Now here was a man who has been through war and hard times, telling me in his own words that becoming a baker was the right choice.  Bread can be enjoyed […]

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The Grape Devine…

The grape. One of nature’s perfect creations. Depicted in paintings as the food which was fed to god’s and kings, this little bubble bursting with equal amounts of sweetness and acidity, at times it simply goes unnoticed. From the finest glass of wine to a simple fruit salad, the value of this devine fruit rests […]

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